A fave of mine Janis Joplin’s Me And Booby Magee.

Don’t compromise yourself. You are all you’ve got. - Janis Joplin

42 years ago today Janis Joplin joined the infamous 27 Club RIP!!!

42 years ago today Janis Joplin joined the infamous 27 Club RIP!!!

AudioScar’s Latest Single Why?

Rebel Music: A Lasting AudioScar *Interview*

Greeting and salutations Rebels!  I know, I know it’s been ions since I’ve done an interview.  Well I’m happy to announce my hiatus is officially over and I give you AudioScar, a young neo-alternative trio from the Fort Greene section of Brooklyn. I came across this group through mutual friends on Facebook, and I have to say they show real promise.  Though they are clearly still wet behind the ears, they have youth on their side and let’s face it in the music business that’s a definite advantage.  It means they have time to grow musically and as a cohesive unit. Their influences are strong and clear in their recent single “Why?” they channel that ever popular heavy alt-rock that is pleasing to the masses.  If Evanescence and Linkin Park is you’re cup of tea then I highly recommend checking these guys out.  I hit up AudioScar’s Keith Rob and Strange Emily to find out what’s good…

Introduce yourself

We’re an experimental hard rock band uprising from Brooklyn. Our band consists of 3 members. Emily as lead vocals, keith as the guitarist/key doing vocals as well and Jelani Weeks as the drummer and  a multi-instrumentalist producer.

Tell us briefly about your humble beginnings…

Keith: The band was originally founded June 6th 2011. It all started with Keith and his visions of playing in a band again with musicians that have the same desire, despite the past failures of band break ups prior to AudioScar.  It started off with his best friend Riko D. as lead vocals, his friend Leo as 2nd guitarist, Cornelio on drums and one of his close friends who has always been by his side Jelani Weeks. Although, he was known as a great drummer, he humbled himself to become bassist. Throughout the months of gigging, rehearsing & practicing things weren’t working so well with the band so a few changes had to be made. Riko being one of Keith’s close friends he had to let him go along with Leo.  Later on Emily & Hiro Peace joined. Being a complete band was a very exciting feel, but something still wasn’t right. Hiro had to depart and was draft to the army and we had to let go of our drummer Cornelio for other reasons. Now with only 3 members left of a broken band a change was made and Jelani took the position of what he’s best doing, playing drums leaving an open room for a bassist. Now falling into a pit where a majority of bands are searching for bassist, that didn’t stop us at all from moving forward. We believe we’ll find our bassist when the time is right, so as our journey continues with the support of really good friends we were offer help for live shows with the support of live musicians. Now with only 3 members left as the producers of the band the journey pretty much continues from here…

What does rebellion mean to you? How do you rebel against the status quo?

Emily:  Expressing yourself the way you want to no matter what others think. I’ve had a problemback then with my teachers & classmates. They didn’t like my style, although I did. It made me feel different and gave me my personality.

Keith: Rebellion to me is to have an open minded conscience decision about the way you  view something without feeling the sub-opression of others to make you see it there way. Going against the status quo? Growing up I’ve always been bothered about the way I operate my life, I just simply become stubborn to the enforcing ways of society. What I personally don’t like the most is trends…it’s like a virus to me that kills originality and replicates clones that operate the same way as the last clone. Be open mindedly stubborn is my advice haha.

How has the underground scene influenced your art/career?

Emily:  It made me comfortable to accept the things I really want to do.  I dress to the way I sing, to the people I hang out with, to the places I hang out at. Because I found myself it made me care less about what the majority thinks.

Keith:  The underground scene I’d say has help me more to accept who & what I am. I personally feel like I don’t fit into a majority of social clicks out there, but I’ve learn to accepted that. Career wise, there’s people that say ohh that’s been done before and can’t be done again, but because I have such strong passion for my craft I ignore what they say. My craft is what I do best so no one can tell me nothing, like Kanye says haha.

 What recent contributions have you made to your local scene?

  Keith: Using our skills we help out other bands/artists/groups. Emily help out one of her friends band as a singer when they were going through a tough time. Keith helps out many other upcoming industry artists as their live guitarist, as well as a recording engineer for local rock bands. Jelani helps has benefited his church  alot by playing drums ,bass ,guitar,piano for his church services & concerts. Over all we’re really glad to help others, we can already see our blessings coming back to us.

Where do you see the scene in five years?

Keith: Well, with the ever changing technology, we’re seeing that more and more bands/artists have the advantage  of being an independent musician and doing almost everything a record label could do. The only issue we see is, because the majority of bands that now have access to these higher powers, it will make it even harder to find good music (not saying that everyone makes horrible music). So ultimately it won’t be about talent anymore, but more about promotion & distribution with a powerful support team. So in 5 years we really see a struggle of “standing out & maintaining your reputation”

What’s next for you? Any upcoming events, music releases, art projects etc.

 Keith: Yes we actually had 2 very big shows coming up. The showcase we did Sept 25th was a contest where the winner gets a video shoot. Whether or not we win, our next goal is to create a professional music video for our next single call “Built 2 Break” Meanwhile we’re still in progress of creating our Promo CD, which will be for free! So you can steal it, no worries. The cops won’t arrest you. We also have an ongoing comic series which represents our journey as a band, & major events so that’s’ something our fans look forward to.

How can we contact you? (Facebook, Twitter, Myspace, Website Etc.)

Keith: We’re mostly active on Facebook since MySpace died. On YouTube you can catch our latest videos including our newly release single “Why” don’t forget to check that out. We encourage you to follow us on twitter. We’re on the site Reverbnation as well. There you can download our music for free.


youtube.com/ officialaudioscar



Keep working hard guys! You have a very lucrative career ahead of you. The Rebellion will be following you closely. 

Interview by: Nails McKray theridgewoodrebel@gmail.com

Rebel Poetry: Glitches in the System

Revolution…a glitch in the system

It impregnates us with the hope for freedom

Nurtures the weak,

Gives us the courage to fight the unfair fines, taxes and trading laws

Speaks against nationalism and genocide

Destroys the products and figureheads that manipulate us to live only for aimless materialism

A potent political weapon…economic disaster

That supplies with boom control conspiracy

In complicated knots of science as tainted programming

As truth is strangled by the ridicule

Morphed into speculation leaving you lost and vulnerable

The media designs fabricated lies

To throw us off the scent of the immoral government

NO AIR!!! No where left for us to turn!

Evolution…a glitch in the system

Overthrows the profiteers and power-hungry

Punishes the cruel and ruthless stripping them of their elite titles

Annihilation of arms and promoting unity

Going back to Africa the cradle of civilization

Giving them the much needed vaccines

Teaching the next generation about postive affirmations and role models

Earning the respect our fellow man and religious beliefs

Learning no man is an island

Questions…a glitch in the system

Why are you monitoring us?

Are you afraid?

Did you not think we’ll wake up?

What will you do then?

Who are you trying to fool?

What is our secrets?

Why do you want to know?

How did we find out?

What made you think we wouldn’t?

What do we want?

What do you think?

Liberation…a glitch in the system

Poem by: The Sordid Hermit thesordidhermit117@yahoo.com

Rebel Music: L Train to Play Resorts Casino *Free Show*

Hey Rebels! I told you I’d fill you in on all the good summer shows. My team and I will be in the building to support this R’wood/Bushwick based Alternative band. The talented quartet will take the stage at the Aqueduct Racetrack’s Resorts World Casino this Wednesday. It is also the birthday of LT front woman Miss Crystalla Gonzalez. The show is free folks so no excuses this is definitely one of our local bands on the rise go check ‘em out!!! 

Show Details: L Train (Live)

Wednesday, July 25, 2012 9pm

Bar 360 @ Resorts World Casino 

110-00 Rockaway Blvd

Jamaica, NY 11436

Directions: A Train to Aqueduct Racetrack

Article by: Nails McKray theridgewoodrebel@gmail.com

James Cagney’s Best Film Moments

You dirty, double-crossing rat. - James Cagney

Happy Belated Birthday to the late Hollywood Legend and R’wood Native Mr. James Cagney

Happy Belated Birthday to the late Hollywood Legend and R’wood Native Mr. James Cagney